This Often Requested Questions On Scotch Whisky

What Is Scotch Whisky?

This is a drink which is distilled in Scotland from barley, drinking water and yeast. It has to be developed in Scotland, matured in oak cask for at least 3 several years. It is sold as “blended” or “solitary malt”.

What does the term “single malt” mean?

Solitary malt has to have been created at only a single distillery. The term ‘malt’ arrives from the simple fact that the barley has been ‘malted’. This is a approach whereby the grains are created to sprout and then dried over peat fires. It must also be distilled in a pot even now.

What does the term “blended” suggest?

Blended whisky is a blend of whiskies from different distilleries. It can contain single malt whiskies and also grain whisky. The age on a bottle will determine the age of the youngest whisky.

What does the time period “blended malt” imply?

Whisky that is sold as ‘blended malt’ will have only malt whiskies which have been blended to obtain a distinctive taste. These will are unable to solitary malts and they have no grain whisky included.

What is “grain whisky”?

This is produced from grains like un-malted barley, corn or wheat. Most of the grain whisky creation in Scotland is for use in the blended types. It is feasible to purchase single grain whisky. This will incorporate whisky from one distillery without it getting blended with other whiskies.

When was mixing released?

Blending was started out close to the 1860’s in Edinburgh. It was generally felt that whisky was as well robust a flavour to be appreciated for every day drinking. So by mixing whisky it was possible to have milder flavours. Also the top quality at that time of whiskies from distilleries was questionable and by mixing whiskies it was attainable to make whiskies that have been far more consistent in quality.

Which spelling is right – whisky or whiskey?

Normally dictionaries will offer the two spellings. If they are from Scotland, Canada and Japan then the phrase is written with no the ‘e’. If they are from Ireland and United states then the ‘e’ is used in spelling.

Can Scotch whisky only be created in Scotland?

Indeed. Whisky which is offered as ‘Scotch whisky’ must have been wholly made and matured in Scotland.

What are the regional areas for whisky manufacturing in Scotland?

Scotland has 6 whisky producing regions – Highlands, Lowlands, Speyside, Islands, Islay, and Campbeltown. Each and every location will have it really is own unique attributes and by tasting a single malt an specialist must be able to tell which location of Scotland the drink is from.

What are the traits of each area?

Highland – not so peaty in flavour with hints of sea air.

Speyside – light peaty flavours and a sweetness to the style.

Islay – Sturdy, sometimes pungent peaty flavours.

Lowlands – dry and mild style. Not very peaty.

Islands – due to the fact of the geographical distinction it is hard to categorise these whiskies.

whisky auctions results – dry and pungent with peaty overtones.